Cardiac Rehabilitation

New York Heart Center Cardiac Rehabilitation
After a serious cardiovascular event, cardiac rehabilitation is an important part of the recovery process. Our program at New York Heart Center consists of up to 36 sessions of monitored exercise training which takes place three days per week for 12 weeks. Our Cardiologist monitored cardiac rehab program will help patients regain strength and stamina, reduce coronary risk factors, and improve your overall heart health. Our facility features treadmills, bicycles, rowing machines, arm ergometer, stair steppers, weights, and resistance bands.  After the program you will more physically fit, have more self-confidence, and reduce your risk of having another cardiac event.  Many insurance carriers will cover the cost of the cardiac rehab program in full or in part.
The following patients will qualify for Cardiac Rehab:
    • Patients who begin the program within 12 months of having an acute myocardial infarction.
    • Patients who begin the program within 6 months of having coronary artery bypass (CABG) surgery.
    • Patients who have had heart valve repair/replacement.
    • Patient who have had percutaneous coronary angioplasty (PTCA) or coronary stenting.
    • Patients with a clinical diagnosis of currently stable angina pectoris.
    • Patients who have had a heart or heart-lung transplant.


About the staff:
You will be expertly trained by the exercise physiologist.
For more information about the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at New York Heart Center, please call (315) 471-1044